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Why is intercaste marriage such a big issue in India

In India the name of the  inter caste loves marriage as in society, but love is not a limiting subject capable. Love has no relation to the caste in any way. But in the modern era marriage between castes is the common aspect. At some point every marriage between marriages is not a success due to the complexity of taking sides and after that create many problems in the married life. The planet also plays a vital role in successful marriage because the fifth, seventh, and ninth house are denoted by successive marital ladders

What are some of the problems faced by intercaste marriages

Survival: Some parents receive homicide and try to kill their children and their partner.
He mocks society.
Severe economic hardship if women who marry are not educated and independent

Challenges of marriage Intercaste

Marriages between married couples face great obstacles in the light of their decision to challenge everyone and perhaps the basic rules of society. Here are some problems aside from an intercaste marriage. In many societies intercaste marriages are considered a religious crime where couples suffer death threats from their own family members.

How to convince your parents of your love Intercaste

Marriage is important in your life.
Find the right time to talk to your parents
Try to explain to your parents why you love your boyfriend / girlfriend
Make some people like your married cousins ​​support you when you talk about your marriage.
Ask them to meet their future partner and then decide without any pressure, also ask them not to be biased.
Try to keep your parents away from relatives or people who are against intercaste love marriage.
Tell them that marriage is all a bit of commitment and sacrifice and that the two have no problem doing the same.
Never push them by saying that you will move in with your partner.
Try that at least one of your parents is on your side
10. Do not ask or defend

Results of an intercaste marriage

With the emergence of technology and development, modern society is shaping people in a way to accept intercaste marriages.
Some people believe that intercaste marriages are successful and healthy. It is therefore irrelevant to say that the caste defines the fate of a relationship.
Education should not be forgotten, it extends the territory of mind and thoughts. We say that the world has developed so much, but progress remains a distant light at the end of the tunnel, which can only be achieved with the acceptance of intermarried marriages

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