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How to convince parents for inter religion marriage

Marriages in different  castes is a big thing in India. You can never be sure how exactly your parents react to it. Most parents are conservative in this area and there is little to worry about what will happen and how it will.

ways to convince parents for inter caste love marriage

Talk to your parents. Try! Try again! You really want it and you want to spend your whole life together. So you have to try! Tell them your qualities. Tell them that you are / will be happy with it. Tell them that she loves you more than any other girl ever will. Tell them she's the one you want to be with.
It's your or none! I really appreciate the way you do not want to run away and everything. So talk to them about it. Tell them that you will not marry your girl if they disagree with the decision. But you will not marry another child also because you can not do this to 3 lives (you, your girlfriend and your so-called caste herself would be wife)
Society!! What can I say! You know if you'll ever be in trouble or need someone, only one or two members of your society will appear. Convince your parents as well. :) What society thinks of you, if that we also think then what they will think;)
She will fit into your family. Half the time parents are against intercaste marriage is because they think if a girl from some other caste / culture will come. Then she will not be able to adopt her culture. Make sure your girl fits and will do her best to fit into your family. Later what happens is different! : P but at least make sure of this.
Find an intermediary. Find an average relative / family / adult friend whose advice at least your parents will listen to and give you a second thought. So find that intermediate person and convince him. Then ask him to  how to convince parents for inter caste love marriage. Yes, it's a long way! But since it is badly stuck, it seems that this is the only way. :)Wait! Wait till they agree!If they are still not agreeing, then wait! Convince your parents for inter caste marriage that you are not getting married to your girl. But you will not marry! Ever! When they will see you for 2-3 months like this. Then they will agree. 

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