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What is Black Magic

Black magic that is used to perform evil acts or that is based on malevolent powers. I think it's a good description of black magic and I agree with that definition.
What you have to understand is that it is the intention of the person casting the "spell" that determines whether the magic is "black" or "white." White magic is performed by people who intend to manifest something, but not at cost or to the detriment of anyone else. Black magic is done by people who intentionally try to hurt someone or who do not care who suffers so they get what they want.

Symptoms of Black Magic

Black Magic is a kind of Negative Energy that enters the Human Body and disturbs the proper working system of Human Mind and Soul.
It is known as black magic removal specialist because this energy is transmitted to another person without permission.
 Black magic not only spoils a person's life, but also leaves a great impact on the life of a person who participates in this activity.
Its against Indian mythology and has not been supported, but because of the personal benefits and jealous feeling that people do and this is how they are in pain.
Tantrik is supposed to be the master of this particular activity and actually forces the evil souls to work for him.

What is the best way to fight black magic

The best way to combat black magic removal speciaist is to recognize it for what it is: an ancient set of superstitions intended to give people dominion over forces they did not feel in control. We understand these forces much better now, after centuries of study, after centuries of trial and error to find out what people work CLAIM and what really works. Black Magic does not work, dancing / singing / praying will not work, sacrifices do not work, effigies do not work. The Secret does not work, although Oprah speaks it.
Experiencing the emotions of hope, anger, fear, love or anything else have simply never been directly related to a physical reaction outside the body of the experimenter. Desires and thoughts can produce powerful physical reactions, but only within yourself. No one has been able to hit a penny from a bottle with the power of his mind, or with a call to a spirit. As far as you know, if you want to get a penny out of a bottle, you'll have to do it another way. And that goes to affect ANYTHING with single thinking, including inflicting injuries on the body or mind of another person (let alone "luck" or "destiny").
To be fair, there are some * invisible * effects that can be produced by our emotions, but they are insufficient to affect much. We secrete pheromones, for example, that change with our emotions, and we give them in small quantities, and those scents can be detected by some animals. If we are strong because of the strength of our emotions, we put more sound waves than we usually do. That affects our immediate neighborhood on a microscopic level, but not in any way that we can use. A microscopic increase in sound directed at someone is not likely to be known if they are supposed to make someone sick, or do them well.
 It is a superstitious doctrine written by people who want to coerce other people into their thinking, and their rituals are as impotent as wanting a penny from a bottle.

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